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has been providing financial services to their clients since 2002. The company has extensive expertise in handling life insurance policies, providing portfolio services with its proprietary systems and confidential secondary market placement with established funding sources, who demonstrate their satisfaction by being long-term loyal customers.

As a licensed consumer lender* LIFETRUST advances funds through a line of credit to qualifying seniors and cancer patients against their existing life insurance policy**. Our experienced staff is prepared to establish your eligibility, guide you through the application process and answer your questions:

Call 877.565.6616 to speak to a LIFETRUST representative

You may also start the process by accessing the Forms Tab, complete the information requested, sign and:

Fax to 877.565.6313


Email the forms to apply@lifetrustloc.com



, driven by the business principle that when you satisfy needs and empower your clients, the partnership/relationship builds strong ties and yields positive results for all involved. This reflects our Slogan,

Financial Strength…when you need it most"

Our consumer lending practice serves our clients as individuals, with empathy and understanding, while providing an honest straightforward answer to help them gain some control over their quality of life while dealing with the financial stress associated with the senior's aging or the cancer’s impact on the client and their families. Financial, assistance, cancer, help, terminally ill, terminal, stage, treatment, affordable, bills, money, medicine, means, chemo, alternative, cash advance, loc, line of credit, loans, policy, settlement, life, insurance, viatical, funding,


**** Interest rate may vary by state of residency.
**** A line of credit from LIFETRUST is available in most states.
**** Most individually owned policies and group coverage are typically acceptable.